Winterlich Design is based in Dublin, Ireland, founded by Craig Winterlich in 2016.
Currently, I am a creative designer for Ryanair, Europe's favourite airline. As a creative designer, I work as part of a dynamic team that creates visually engaging designs to promote the airline’s products, sales, services, and brand using our tone of voice. In my role, I collaborate with different stakeholders within the business, including various departments and teams such as the Product Team, Brand Team, CRM Team, and Social Team. I strive to create effective designs that reflect the airline’s values and enhance the customer experience. I work on a range of projects, from designing for print and digital advertising to creating innovative visual content for social media, brand, product, marketing, CRM, and various touch points/assets for the Ryanair website.
I'm a designer who's passionate about creating unique, high-quality work that stands out. I'm committed to building meaningful relationships with clients or stakeholders and believe in delivering what they want while still exceeding their expectations.
I have a background IN graphic design, digital design, and brand identity, but my experience also includes typography, motion graphics, packaging design, poster design, marketing, advertising, and much more.
I studied Art, Design, and Mixed Media in my first year of college and pursued Visual Communications for two years, earning my Higher National Diploma (HND) and graduating from BCFE. I also completed a course in Visual Communications with the Dublin Institute of Design.
At present, I work freelance outside of office hours and am always open to new projects and opportunities. I was featured on the MOO.com blog for square business card inspiration, showcasing my own personal business cards.
Feel free to contact me if you would like to have a chat or discuss how we can work together!
Instagram: @winterlichdesign
If you would like to DISCUSS a project or Collaborate, DROP ME AN EMAIL BELOW AS I AM always open to new opportunities. 
Thank you!
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